Berg Laser 1600 and Berg All-Bottle I.D.

The Berg system has been an imperative asset and the most valuable tool for reducing inventory losses in my business.  Berg was painless to install and to train employees on how to use system.  The best aspect of the system is the speed in which a drink can be poured and the automatic tracking capability of every drink poured which can tell you when, where and by whom.  Also, the drink poured will be exactly the same each time poured.  The customers will always get a consistent drink, never over poured nor, more importantly, ever under poured.


Bob, of Probar Systems, has always been professional and a pleasure to do business with in every aspect of the transaction.  Service has been prompt and courteous.


I would recommend this system to anyone that has a bar business.  Berg system will pay for itself if you implement this process.  My system paid for its self within three months.


Thank you for helping me be a more efficient and more successful.

David McCraw

Croc’s Sports and Spirits

Greenville, SC