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Tap 1

TAP the TRUE Profit Potential of Draft Beer
With The Truly Reliable Draft Beer Control System

Draft beer represents up to twice the profit potential of bottled or canned beer - if you can control over pour, waste, 'give-aways', and un-authorized drinking. The Berg TAP 1 installs and sets up easily in any new or existing draft beer system, ready to dispense and assure your TRUE profit potential. TAP 1 compliments BERG's complete line of Liquor Control Systems with the ability to be interfaced with BERG INFINITY and popular POS systems.

The compact TAP 1 uses a proven beer faucet to provide pouring reliability, with the same cleaning and service procedures. The tap head measures less than two inches in width, making multi-tap configurations possible - with no modifications. Beer is then metered by volume or time, for four programmable portion sizes (or alternatively 3 plus add a-head). Over-pouring is now eliminated.

A small, remote console provides a full range of reports including sales and portions by brand, price level, and complimentary pours. Summaries include average price per portion. This console features backlit LCD readout, security lockout, memory-retention battery backup, and can be remotely located from the tap. TAP 1 will continue to dispense even with unstable beer and/or power outages, assuring operation even under the most adverse conditions.