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Infinity Software

Infinity™ software is a computerized liquor system that allows you to manage all aspects of beverage dispensing including brand and price assignment, dispenser operation and reporting. Operations and reports can be combined across your entire establishment.

Infinity™ software is Windows™ based and can run on all recent versions of Windows. It is user friendly and easy to use.

Equipment is easy to set up. Infinity™ software makes changes to prices, turning on equipment and handling price level changes such as happy hour in a snap.

Sales information is downloaded from all Berg equipment into a central database, ready for analysis.

Communication with the equipment is done using a serial port. An existing Ethernet LAN can also be used.

Infinity™ software can combine the data from all of your dispensing equipment: It can set up and monitor the following beverage equipment: Laser™, Tap 1™ , Draft Sentinel™ and All-Bottle 1544™, All-Bottle 7, All-Bottle ID dispensers.

Infinity™ Manager performs setup for Liquor control systems including setting prices and portions.

Infinity™ Report gathers information from your beverage equipment and has a variety of configurable reports including information on number of pours, sales and volume. Hourly, weekly, and monthly reports are available. You can get as much detail as you want. You can even set up your own custom reports. Report can calculate your pouring costs.

Inventory can be monitored and automatically ordered.

Infinity™ Schedule allows you to schedule common operations (such as running reports and enabling beverage control equipment) to be run automatically at designated days and times.

Information can be exported and exchanged with spreadsheets and other programs.

You can see examples of the programs and reports.

User friendly program makes changes to prices and portions a snap.

Support for inventory monitoring is optionally available.

Infinity can track inventory and tell you when it is time to order new product.

Reporting allows very detailed reports,

usage reports which include pouring cost calculation,

and even allows you to create your own reports.

Events can be scheduled so equipment is automatically turned on at the start of day, happy hour prices are automatically changed, and reporting is automatically done at the end of the day.