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All-Bottle 1504

Total accountability in Berg's affordable, compact, easy-to-use liquor control unit.

Picture of All-Bottle 1504
Total accountability in Berg's affordable, compact, easy-to-use liquor control unit.

Standard Features
  • 15 price level and up to 4 portion sizes for each price level
  • Set by user, adjustable from 1/8 to 10 ounces (4 to 295 ml)
  • Employ Berg standard or high flow liquor bottle pourers
  • Pour delay / restart function
  • Restart a pour by keeping a bottle inverted for a programmable delay
  • Compact – fits almost anywhere
  • Mechanical key switch lockout for after hours security
  • Easy POS & computer system interface

Additional Features With Berg Infinity Network

  • Advanced reporting, including number of pours, sales data, volume and pouring costs,
  • which can all be exported into other reports or programs
  • Inventory monitoring and order report
  • Management control of complimentary drinks
  • Schedule operations to run at set days / times, including reports, price / portion changes (Happy Hour) and disabling liquor dispensing systems
  • Maintain system settings and data backup (loss of power / dispenser maintenance)
  • Allow bartenders to share liquor dispensers, yet ring-up on their POS terminal, saving bartender steps while facilitating accountability

All-Bottle Ring Pouring Liquor Control Technology

Berg All-Bottle 1504
ring pouring bottle top liquor dispensers and liquor controls use a unique price-coded bottle top mounted pourer controlled by a magnetically coupled activator ring to control and record every pour.

Each liquor bottle at the rail and on the back bar is fitted with a bottle top pourer secured with a tamper-evident security seal. The pourers will not dispense unless engaged with the activator ring, ensuring that each drink is dispensed accurately and recorded.

The bartender simply brings the selected bottle up through the ring – with either hand – and pours the drink with a conventional pouring motion. It's just that fast and easy!

Customers see their brand poured and get a consistent drink each and every time. You get total control and accountability for every drink poured at a very affordable price!

All-Bottle Advantages

Free-Pour Style W
ithout The "Free”
Berg All-Bottle ring pouring bottle top liquor control systems delivers your customers' choice while they watch an accurate, fast pour in the style and tradition of a free poured drink, without giving the house away in over pours and spills.

Compact - Flexible - Easy To Use & Install
Berg All-Bottle 1504 liquor dispensing systems provide complete liquor control in compact, easy to use units, eliminating over-pouring and reducing spillage and other losses. The compact design allows All-Bottle 704 liquor control systems to fit almost anywhere liquor is served. All-Bottle 704 liquor dispensers are quick to set up and easy to use! With Berg All-Bottle 704 liquor controls, there are no complicated hookups, no bottle pressure, no pumps, no liquor tubing to run. Liquor control units and activator rings can be mounted almost anywhere from small bars and hospitality bars to multiple-station bars in large operations.

Pay For Themselves Fast
In most installations, Berg All-Bottle 1504 liquor dispensers pay for themselves in 6 to 12 months! Use the Berg liquor loss calculator and to learn how liquor control can help your bottom line!

By Price Level Or Brand
The All-Bottle 1504 liquor pouring systems are typically used for liquor pouring where bottles are grouped by price level and the brand is not tracked. For control and tracking by brand, select All-Bottle Brand ID liquor dispensers and controls.

For Wine & Other Bottled Beverages
In addition to liquor, All-Bottle 1504 liquor pouring systems are also used for pouring wine or other bottled beverages.

Fully Certified
Berg All-Bottle 1504 liquor dispensers, liquor controls and applicable system components are certified to NSF/ANSI sanitation and CE standards, All-Bottle liquor controls systems are also available to meet Canadian requirements and jurisdictions requiring complete NSF certified installations.