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Wireless Free Pour Spouts

BarVision® pour spouts are free-flow, non-measuring pourers that mount to the top of open liquor bottles. They are wireless and low profile, so they don't interfere with a bartender's activities or detract from ambiance.

No special maintenance is required. BarVision pour spouts are durable, water-resistant, and typically last three years.

Free Pour Spout



Antennas listen to RF signals sent by BarVision® pour spouts. They convert the signals into pour event messages. and upload the messages to BarVision software.

BarVision can adapt to any environment. Antennas can be linked together to form a chain (including up to eight antennas). The Antenna chain is mounted in inconspicuous locations around the bar to provide optimal radio coverage.

An antenna chain can be connected to the BarVision system in several ways, including RS-485 serial, USB, wired/wireless ethernet, or our BarVision Reciever for PalmOS®-based systems.

. Antenna


BarVision is flexible enough to fit any establishment, and any budget. Our software is available in two flavors: BarVision Global, a browser-based application, and BarVision for Palm OS®.

Both varieties collect the details of each pour automatically, in real-time. Both provide vital reports necessary to manage your liquor inventory and make effective business decisions.

BarVision Global Browser-based Application

·         Real-time activity and reports can be safely accessed from anywhere in      the world via the Internet or VPN

·         A single server can support multiple locations

·         Works with Mozilla Firefox® and Microsoft Internet Explorer®

·         Built on a reliable, open platform: Apache® HTTP server, PHP scripting,      etc.

·        Works with several database systems: MySQL® and the Microsoft SQL      Server® product line

BarVision for Palm OS®

·         Portable solution for small establishments, patio bars, mobile drink carts,      etc.

·         Utility or battery-powered capabilities

·         Extensive, customizable, usageand exception reports

·         View reports onscreen and/or print reports on letter and receipt printers

·         Export reports and journal data for use in desktop programs

·        Backup to removable media