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About BarVision
BarVision is a wireless, free-pour liquor management solution for the hospitality industry, including bars, restaurants, hotels, casinos, racetracks, stadiums, clubs and other venues. BarVision uses patented, active-RFID pour spouts to accurately track every drink poured automatically, in real-time. The system is simple to install, easy to use, and offers a quick and solid ROI.

·         Shows real-time pour activity - Users get instant feedback on their business.

·        Collects data automatically - The details of each pour are recorded by wireless pour spouts and then automatically passed on to the BarVision server.

·        Easy-to-use reports - Users receive the vital information necessary to manage their liquor inventory and make effective business decisions:

  •      Pour costs
  •      The number of pours from a given bottle, liquor brand, or price category
  •      Overpours and other exceptions
  •      Serving/purchasing trends
  •      How much stock was used and what needs to be reordered

“The reports make it easy for users to match pours to sales after every shift, to ensure drinks are properly paid for,” stated Morrison.

·        Web browser application - Real-time activity and reports can be safely accessed from anywhere in the world via the Internet or VPN. “Several customers have told us this will enable them to take their first vacation in years,”

·          PC-based solution - “Our Palm® Handheld-based software is great for many customers and portable applications,” explained Morrison, “but having a PC-based solution is very important to a large segment of the market, especially chains that need an enterprise solution.”

·          Built on a robust and reliable technology platform