The Accardis Inventory System is designed to save you time, money, and with proper control, ELIMINATE THEFT AND OVER POURING. Yet the system allows your bartenders to free pour.  The Accardis System tracks and records inventory items from the time of purchase through the sale of the product. The computer print-out details the activity of each product, station, and employee as well as monitoring pour costs and profits.  Accardis provides you with the accurate information that is essential for the successful operation of your business. 

BarVision® gives you maximum cost control and inventory management in as little as a few minutes each day; real-time, detailed reports on what was dispensed, regardless of whether or not it was rung up on  your POS system or cash register. With most liquor control and POS systems, the only way to balance a drawer is to compare the money collected against sales receipts. With BarVision, you can balance the money collected against the inventory that is actually used. Problems can be identified and resolved directly after a shift instead of a week or month later, yet your staff will still be able to FREE POUR!

Over pouring, cash skimming, product theft, employee drinking, and free drinks are a problem for nearly every business serving alcohol by the drink.  Our products from the Berg Co. are the perfect solution to all of these problems.  It is quite simple.  Using Berg's All-Bottle ("The Ring") and/or Laser ("The Gun") assures you (the owner) that every drop of alcohol is portioned properly (your portions and not the bartenders) and accounted for.  You can take it one step further by interfacing the Berg with your POS/cash register to ensure that every drink is registered and payed for.  Berg also has a line of draft beer controls that can give you exact counts on how many beers were poured in a shift.  Lastly, Berg products are all capable of running on an automated schedule that controls portion, price, reporting, and when the system is operable making it the complete solution for the hospitality industry.