As industry professionals we all know control systems are crucial and by taking a short term view, operators are compromising their profits.  This inevitably leads to where they can’t make the investment because they don’t have the cash flow, and they don’t have the cash flow because they don’t have the systems.  Never a good situation for anyone.

This is why ProBar Systems is now offering Liquor Dispensing equipment and optional Cash Registers for as little as $150.00 per month!

Why Rent?

  • Contracts have buy out options all the way along the life of the contract.
  • On going maintenance and programing is included.
  • No up front programing fees.
  • No installation fees.
  • You can easily up-grade a register to a higher model or Berg unit if you need more control.
  • We carry the back up of all information, in-case of a fire/theft or a down system.
  • We can be there next day with a register already programed and liquor unit ready to pour their calibrated shot size.
  • No equipment capitalization.
  • All rental payments are direct write off.

Please contact us for more information.