Berg Liquor System FAQ

How do bartenders pour with the Berg Liquor System?

Bartenders pick up the liquor bottle, insert the control spout into the activator ring (which is sitting on a holder to the right of the pouring station) then turn the bottle over to pour. It’s that easy! If a portion other than your standard shot size is required to make a certain drink recipe, the bartender simply presses the appropriate portion button on the front panel of the station before they pour. The liquor system will automatically stop the pour when the portion size is reached. A perfect shot poured every time will greatly reduce your liquor purchases every month.

Can my bartenders pour liquor from the spouts without going through the ring?

No. That is the essence of the control. Once the pour spout is placed on the bottle, liquor cannot be poured without placing the spout through the activator ring.

What stops my bartenders from pulling the spout out of the bottle and free pouring?

After managers place the pour spouts on the bottles, they secure the bottle with a heat shrink security seal. With a seal in place, the only way to remove the spout from the bottle is to either cut or tear the seal. Managers are expected to watch for torn or cut seals that indicate a bartender attempted to bypass the dispensing system. If all the seals are properly intact, then managers can rest assured that every drink is being properly portioned and counted.

What information does the Berg Liquor System give me?

The Berg Infinity Software will give you exact shot counts and dollar amounts based on the products dispensed. Comparisons between potential sales and actual sales from your register/POS will give you an accurate snapshot of the shifts business.

Can bartenders make multi-liquor drinks such as a Long Island Iced Tea through the liquor system?

Yes. A Berg All-Bottle will automatically pour your standard shot size when the control spout is inserted into the ring. Three other portion sizes can be programmed into the system and are represented by buttons on the faceplate of the pouring station. When your bartender makes a multi-liquor drink, they simply press the appropriate portion size button, insert the spout into the ring and pour. The liquor system will pour the requested portion size and track the amount of revenue that should be registered. A Berg Laser System has preprogrammed cocktails allowing the bartender to make multiple liquor drinks at the press of a button.

Will the liquor system slow my bartenders down?

Our customers report a short learning curve of one to two shifts for each bartender. After which it is business as usual.

Can bartenders pour only liquor through the dispensing system?

You can also pour wines that are offered by the glass.

How many liquor dispensing stations will I need to buy for my bar?

We recommend one Berg Dispenser per pouring station. A pouring station being an ice well and soda gun.

How many  Berg pour spouts will I need to buy?

It is recommended to place a spout on each revenue generating product. This includes vodkas, gins, whiskeys, etc., but excludes products such as vermouth, triple sec, grenadine, etc.

Will the pour spouts fit wide neck bottles?

We provide five different sized inserts that can be easily substituted for the standard insert that comes on a new pour spout.

Will the liquor system connect directly to my cash register or POS system?

The liquor system is able to “interface” to most cash registers and POS systems. Interfacing enables the register to automatically ring up the liquor when it is poured. Please contact us to discuss whether your register has the capability of interfacing to the Berg

After I buy the liquor system, will there be other expenses I’ll incur?

The only ongoing costs of a Berg Liquor System is additional security seals.

Who will install the liquor system for me?

The Berg Company requires the dealer to install and maintain each system the dealer sells. In most cases systems are installed and operational in five to ten business days from the time of order.

What if I want to change my portion sizes or prices?

Purchase of a Berg Liquor System includes initial manager training allowing you to make changes whenever necessary. We also offer free 24 hour phone support to help our customers when needed.

What do I do if the liquor system stops working?

Just give us a call. Most problems can be fixed over the phone. For more serious problems, we will send a service professional out to make any repairs necessary within 24 hours. If the problem can not be fixed on sight, we will temporarily replace your equipment with a “loaner” unit free of charge.

We’re a small neighborhood bar and my bartenders have been with me for many years, why would I need a liquor system?

Why do you think they’ve been with you so long? Well if you are visiting this site then you may already know the answer.

What will my customers think?

Many bar owners are concerned about the customer perception when buying a Berg Liquor System. Afterwords they realize the only complaints are coming from those who were not paying for their drinks  to begin with. In restaurant applications, customers seated at tables are not aware of how their drinks are poured.

In situations where customers are so accustomed to receiving over poured drinks, we recommend pouring a larger portion during the first few weeks after installation. Over time you reduce the portion to acceptable size.

How much am I losing without a liquor control system?

Ah, the million dollar question (at least potentially tens of thousands). The answer depends on many factors specific to your establishment. Please take the time to use our Loss Calculators to determine how much the potential savings are for implementing a Berg Liquor and/or Beer System.